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Advanced Spinal Fitness

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Advanced Spinal Fitness carries nutritional supplements from two companies, Standard Process and Pure Encapsulations. These products are available through a licensed healthcare provider only. Basic supplements are kept on hand in our office, while specific supplements can be ordered as needed for our patients. 


Standard Process

Based out of Wisconsin, Standard Process has been formulating nutritional supplements since 1929. On their 420-acre organic farm, Standard Process grows 6.5 million pounds of vegetables each year, which are used to make their whole-food supplements. Their unique production process ensures each of their supplements is packed full of nutrients that the body is able to fully utilize.


Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations is a leading producer of hypo-allergenic nutritional supplements. For the patient with food and environmental sensitivities and allergies, this company is a trusted provider of quality supplements. They derive their products from natural vegetable, plant, and other non-animal products when necessary. Independent laboratory analysis on Pure Encapsulations’ products ensure ingredient quality and purity.