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Food you eat becomes your body's building blocks for growing and healing. The better the food, the better your health. 

Nutritional therapy utilizes dietary changes, therapeutic foods, and select supplements to help support the patient's health goals. Inadequate nutrition has been implicated in the development of many modern epidemics, such as obesity, type II diabetes, and heart disease. Poor dietary choices can affect every body system, often leaving one struggling with multiple health issues. 

At our office, Dr. Serena Murray sees patients and families to help them get back on track nutritionally. We offer nutritional programming, consultations, and workshops in office. 

How It Works ...

Consultation and Exam: On your first appointment, you and the doctor will review your health history, establish goals for care, and conduct an examination. Body measurements, blood work, or other lab testing may be requested for analysis. 

Personalized Programs: After your first consult, a custom and unique program is designed for you by the doctor. Data from the examination and food log is included in the report. 

Follow Up Appointments: After you've received and gone over your program with the doctor, follow up appointments server to monitor progress and adjust recommendations as needed. 

The Programs ... 

Your information is used to compile a personalized, comprehensive report. Clinical findings, modifications to diet, and supplement intake are included. Three levels of programming are available. Family plans are also available. 

The Boost - Supplement Program: Patient information and data are used to design a specific supplement regimen to support your health goals. Recommendations include specific nutrients, formulations, and dosages.

The Re-Vamp - Diet Modification: Using the food log, modifications to your typical diet are made based on health goals. Modifications include specific food recommendations, serving sizes, and frequency. The Boost supplement recommendations are also included. 

The Overhaul - Meal Planning: Both the Boost supplement recommendations and the Re-Vamp diet modifications are included in the Overhaul. Additionally, meal planning for 7- or 14- days is designed to meet your needs. Meal plans include recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks per day. 

Download your paperwork for your initial nutritional consultation here:

Nutrition Intake

Health Appraisal

Food Log

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