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Advanced Spinal Fitness

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Mercier Therapy

Mercier Therapy is a soft tissue, site-specific technique that is done through the abdomen. It is calming and can provide great relaxation, yet is very effective at increasing blood flow and mobility throughout the pelvic organs and the surrounding structures. This therapy is rehabilitative and restores optimal function within the pelvic musculature, fascia, and ligaments. 

Many OB/GYNS, Reproductive Endocrinology Physicians and Midwives support this therapy due to the wonderful results reported by their patients. Doctors and patients alike appreciate that this treatment, different from pelvic floor physical therapy, does not involve internal pelvic work and is non-invasive. 

This program was developed by Dr. Jennifer Mercier - experienced integrative health care professional, educator and author - as a gentle, safe and effective treatment for pelvic pain and fertility challenges. Dr. Mercier pioneered this method thanks to her broad combination of knowledge, skills and expertise as a massage therapist, midwife, and PhD. It is from this vantage point that Mercier Therapy approaches the challenges of infertility and pelvic dysfunction. 

Amy Thomas of Advanced Healing is a certified pre-natal massage therapist and is trained and certified to perform Mercier Therapy. 

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