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Advanced Spinal Fitness

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Advanced Spinal Fitness is an official retail provider of IntelliSkin products. 

IntelliSkin, the inventor of the intelligent clothing revolution, provides posture apparel that physically connects with your body to achieve optimal posture support and pain relief. Unlike other compression clothing competitors who can only provide superficial support, we’ve woven 30+ years of elite, front-line sports medicine and wisdom into our clinically-proven PostureCue™ and CoreCue™ technologies to provide both immediate and long-term benefits around posture correction.

IntelliSkin is the brand used by people who know, no matter whether you’re running a forklift, training quarterbacks, or competing at the world-class level as a surfer. We’re the one brand that provides, to every walk of life, performance-improving apparel that actually works, giving you true inspiration to excel.

Demanding workouts are great, but how do you live the other 23 hours of the day? Going forward, IntelliSkin will be there to support your quest to live life well. As we expand our product lines across lifestyle and sports medicine frontiers, we hope to blur the lines between fitness and everyday life, doing our part to bring you wellness and confidence 24 hours a day.

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