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Advanced Spinal Fitness

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Advanced Spinal Fitness treats each individual based on their personal health assessment and the need for positive results. Our office recognizes that our patients have busy schedules and need effective and convenient care. 

Unlike most chiropractic offices, the main emphasis at ASF is on spinal correction. Many people have a spine that has changed shape compared to normal. When the shape of the spine is altered, the body will "lock up" and manifest symptoms. Rather than releasing the same tight spots over and over again, ASF believes that fixing the shape of the spine makes the most sense. 

In order to help reshape the spine, several methods are used in the corrective care. Mirror image adjustments and home exercises are extra steps that lead to symptom relief, increased function, and correction of the shape of the spine to normal or near-normal. 

Types of Adjustments

As for the actual adjustment, each body needs a different approach. At ASF, care is administered according to what is appropriate for the condition of the body and patient preference. Adjustments that are non-audible (no cracking noise) can be given. Conversely, our doctors care for many muscular athletes, and can easily apply adequate force for a muscular physique. Our doctors encourage their patients to give feedback on what adjustments are most comfortable and effective on them as they experience the different styles. 

Extremity Care

Our doctors are skilled not just in spinal adjustments, but also extremity care. The shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and feet are often sources of pain, especially for active people. In fact, many patients have back trouble because of injuries in the hips, knees or feet. Working on the back exclusively may provide some relief, but the problem cannot be solved without addressing the extremity that is creating the issue. At ASF, our number one goal is always to get to the cause of the problem.